Wednesday, January 30, 2013


So after months of Ear Infection Sagas, Avery got tubes last week.

Quinn didn't get them at this time, since she's only had 5 (I think?) EIs, and her issue has been more of not clearing up than dramatic double ear infections.  Avery on the other hand....from that first one last winter, she's been a mess. Almost every ear infection she's gotten has been a double, and they come on so fast and so severely that the doctor of the day almost always says something along the lines of "oh my.". Add that to her amoxcillin allergy, and we've had a lot of maroon poo this year.

After a 6 week course of prophylactic drugs, the ENT pronounced Quinn just fine (7 days after she popped a single EI on said drugs) and Avery "bad, very bad.".  At the time of her appointment, Avery had severe fluid and a mild infection. We were able to book her tubes surgery for 6 days later, at which time she had a raging infection in one year. Its a wonder she's so verbal (and wasn't crying in pain) given her history.

The surgery itself was simple. Chris took her to the hospital for 7 am, and they hung out in the peds outpatient playroom (impressively outfitted with toys), and she went back about 8:45. Avery was in a pretty good mood for being without breakfast or milk since midnight, but of course was pissed about the oxygen mask.  I wasn't there, but she woke from anesthesia in hysterics and eventually showing signs of pain, and had to be dosed with Motrin to go home. I guess slicing into your infected ear drum isn't so comfortable. Another dose of Motrin in the evening, and she was good to go and went back to school the next day!

Due to the infection, we are doing a long course of ear drops, which she fights, then enjoys (I guess they tickle?), but so far so good. Let's cross our fingers this is the end of the EI saga.

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