Thursday, January 17, 2013

Twin Registry, Part 3

a short series on all the baby crap...

I love strollers. This is the THING I obsessed over before the babies came. There's so many nice options out there. That said, there just aren't a TON of double strollers, and there's more crappy ones than good ones (there's plenty, but you miss out on options like the Quinny).   

I'll spare you my full rundown on all the models and stick to what we have (but do go look at the pretty pretty Bumblerides. So pretty. Alas, I can't justify another Bob sized stroller. If the Bob came in Seagrass....)

Double Snap and Go.
THIS IS A MUST FOR NEW TWINS. I know it sounds silly. Why do you need a stroller for your carseats? Two reasons:
1) Except for the new Bumbleride (I think), which isn't really an errand running stroller, you can't put two carseats in a double stroller. Some strollers recline enough for a newborn (eg, the City Mini), but...
2) Do you REALLY want to move your sleeping newborns in and out of the carseat, where they're all cozy and ASLEEP every time you go in and out of a store?

This is a purchase you won't regret, trust me. We had Graco infant seats and they snapped right in, but I've heard most seats fit fine.

"Shopping" Stroller
We ended up getting an umbrella as our "everyday" stroller. This is actually our least used stroller, since we just don't shop that much with the girls (have you ever been to a mall with multiple toddlers?) and when we do grocery shop and such, we tend to utilize  the carts at the store. For space reasons, we went with an umbrella style stroller - it is smaller than a pack and play folded, lightweight, and easy to steer. The harness release takes some muscle, but overall I am happy with it.

We started using this one around 4 or 5 months with aftermarket "snugglers" for a little extra support. They liked being out of the carseats and able to look around (it does slow you down though, once you can't just pop them in and out of the bases in the car, run into the store, and return!).

You just can't beat a Bob. We use this stroller ALL the time - daycare pickup (when we walk or run there), short grocery store strips (walking there), the park, etc. I love it so much. Good storage, good sunshades (we have a 2010, the shades on the newer models are even nicer with a stay-put-clicking thing), easy to operate harnesses. Love love love.
The only accessory we have is the handlebar console, which I think is worth the money. I use it for my water bottle, cell and keys.

We don't have the snack trays, and I think they'd be annoying for getting kids in and out (not to mention awfully far from peanut sized toddlers).

My little disclaimer here is if I didn't plan to run with the girls, I probably would have gotten a City Mini in lieu of the Maclaren and the Bob.  It is much bigger folded than the Twin Triumph - given that it is double wide - and unlike the single version, you need two hands to fold it.  However, it steers one handed and is a little smoother of a ride. It is a walking-on-even-ground stroller though, so its use is limited and I am VERY happy with our choices.

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  1. I've used the BOB before and LOVE it too. It is so easy to run with and I love that it can be manoeuvred with one hand easily.

    We now have 3 strollers; Baby Jogger City Select, Maclaren and the Chariot. Living in the city, the City Select is amazing because of its "compact" size (for a twin stroller). It folds up easily and fits into my trunk nicely. Had I just been a runner, I would have gone with the BOB hands down, but because we wanted to bike with the girls, we opted for the Chariot. I grabbed a used Maclaren from another twin family for traveling - it is beat up but does the job and I don't care if it gets scratched up when it goes under the plane.